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The End of the Wild

2 x 60'  CCTV Documentary Channel/ Wild Aid/ Discovery Communications LLC

Yao Ming is a world-renowned NBA basketball star and a hero in his home country of China. Since 2006 he has partnered with conservation organisation WildAid, using his star status to combat the illegal wildlife trade. Now, Ming tackles the illegal ivory and rhino horn trade in Africa which is being driven by an unprecedented demand in South East Asia and China. 


Ming journeys to the African savannah to see elephants and rhinos in the wild and  learns of the tragedies of poaching. He visits some of the last of the Northern White Rhino – a species poached to the edge of extinction and meets anti-poaching teams that regularly risk their lives to protect these species. The butchered carcasses of the daily victims of poaching drive home the uncertain future for the orphaned babies left behind.


Yao Ming’s journey to Africa is life-changing for him. But can one man convince one billion of his countrymen to stop the slaughter?

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