NHNZ’S "The Desert Sea" UHD Special premieres on Nat Geo Wild

NHNZ’S "The Desert Sea" UHD Special premieres on Nat Geo Wild

NHNZ’s two-part UHD wildlife special "The Desert Sea" is set to premiere on Nat Geo WILD in the U.S. this Sunday January 22nd at 9 P.M. ET. It rolls out internationally in April.

The series is the first from a slate of UHD specials coming out of production house NHNZ, with another fifteen hours of UHD wildlife documentary titles delivering over the next six months. Made in co-production with Nat Geo WILD, "The Desert Sea" hones in on North America’s iconic Sonoran Desert.

The first hour explores why the Sonoran is the wettest and most diverse desert on the continent with its unique proximity to the Gulf of California and the great Pacific Ocean, while the second hour focuses on the abundant and diverse creatures that have adapted to desert life in this hostile environment.

Despite the extreme heat there is an incredible diversity of animals of all types here, including mammals like the ice-age surviving Pronghorn antelope, the speedy Jackrabbit and the iconic Mountain Lion; unusual birds like the almost flightless road runner, the world’s smallest owl, and the Harris hawk – the only raptor to use cooperative hunting; and downright weird reptiles such as the venomous Gila Monster, the imposing Chuckwalla and the prehistoric looking Horned lizard.

Series Producer Lorne Townend says he and his team were excited to work in this challenging environment, with its extreme heat and remoteness.

“The Sonoran Desert is a unique and beautiful place. As the most biodiverse desert in the world it is an extraordinary environment to study on film and makes the perfect subject for the UHD format. There are some exceptional creatures here, clinging to the edge of existence in conditions that have pushed them to evolve unique adaptations to survive.”

“The higher resolution of 4K offers greater depth and clarity of light, as well as richer colours, and is ultimately able to bring the natural world into the living room, like you are there yourself. We hope 'The Desert Sea' will offer a new insight into this territory.”

"The Desert Sea" is distributed internationally by ZDF Enterprises.