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Abalone Wars

16 x 60'  Discovery Networks Asia 

This series dives deep into some of the planet's most hostile waters. The Australian production follows the men and women who risk their lives in one of the world's most dangerous jobs - diving for abalone.

For these brave few, there is a killing to be made. Millions of dollars' worth of abalone lie there, just below the surface, ripe for the picking, but can the divers make it out alive?


The Southern Ocean, off the tip of South Australia is home to more sharks per square kilometre than almost anywhere else in the world. The risk of death by shark attack is very real here, many divers personally know the heartache felt from losing loved ones. But that doesn't stop this group of fearless men who, every season, battle against their nerves, plunging to the depths and scouring the ocean floor for the much-prized green and black abalone.

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