NHNZ Produces New Documentary Short About Hauturu Little Barrier Island

This month the Little Barrier Island Supporters Trust launched a new documentary short about the most intact ecosystem in New Zealand: Te Hauturu te-o-Toi, Little Barrier Island. The documentary has been produced by NHNZ.

Little Barrier Island: New Zealand’s Ark gives viewers unprecedented access to the wonders of this precious island. From the stony shores that are a refuge for native reptiles to high ridges, riddled with the burrows of sea birds, and deep into the primeval forest, where native birds, insects and the ancient tuatara live and thrive in peace. This is New Zealand as it once was.

Ruud Kleinpaste, documentary narrator and patron of the Little Barrier Island Supporters Trust, says: “Little Barrier Island is one of New Zealand’s most precious treasures. We hope that this stunning film will show New Zealanders how important conservation is, on any scale.”

Trustee David Stone adds that the film is an opportunity for the New Zealand public to see the closely protected island for themselves: “Visitor numbers and movements are strictly regulated as it is critical that human impact is kept to a minimum. Consequently, very few people get to see what the environment is like up close. Thanks to the team at NHNZ we now have a stunning film that shows the amazing conservation work that has gone into preserving and nurturing Little Barrier Island.”

Little Barrier Island: New Zealand’s Ark is available for streaming online on the Little Barrier Island Supporters Trust website: http://www.littlebarrierisland.org.nz/