Our Big Blue Backyard and Auckland Museum join forces on Kermadecs Expedition

Our Big Blue Backyard field crew are  joining Auckland Museum‘s Kermadec Biodiscovery Expedition for a three-week expedition to the Kermadec Islands.

The team will be filming sequences for a dedicated hour on the marine reserve surrounding the Kermadecs.for the upcoming second season of the ocean wildlife series.

The expedition is timely given NZ’s Prime Minister’s recent announcement that  the existing marine reserve around the islands would be extended to form a huge Ocean Sanctuary equivalent in area to more than twice the landmass of New Zealand.

Our Big Blue Backyard’s executive producer Judith Curran says the joint expedition was conceived to ensure the shoot team had the very best boat to work from as a filming platform. 

“Braveheart is a superb ship with a crew experienced in the sometimes treacherous waters up there, so partnering with the scientists from Auckland Museum seemed like a match made in heaven.”

“Having scientists on location to sometimes interpret the amazing behaviors we are shooting is a terrific bonus – and I’d be surprised if the science team doesn’t also find some rare gems while watching our footage.”

You can read more about the expedition and follow updates on Auckland Museum’s Kermadec website: http://kermadec.aucklandmuseum.com/about-expedition/ 

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