'Orangutan Jungle School' arrives to New Zealand screens

'Orangutan Jungle School' arrives to New Zealand screens

Season one of the hit series 'Orangutan Jungle School' will soon screen in New Zealand on Choice TV. The first of 10 x 1 hour episodes premieres on 10 January at 7:30 pm. The show arrives to New Zealand screens following enormous international success, having aired on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom, on Stan in Australia, and on Love Nature in Indonesia, Singapore and Canada, to date. Now it’s time for New Zealand viewers to fall in love with the remarkable cast of characters and become hooked on the action-packed storylines of 'Orangutan Jungle School'.

'Orangutan Jungle School' introduces audiences to the highly skilled Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) team, which rescues orangutans that have been separated from their mothers, displaced from their habitat due to forest destruction, or snatched illegally from the wild for the pet trade. Once in the care of BOSF, they learn the skills necessary to one day return to the rainforest. There are various stages of their education; nursery, five levels of forest school, and pre-release islands. The orangutans have distinct personalities and viewers are guaranteed to become emotionally invested in their journeys to freedom.

The series' many twists and turns are all but certain to charm viewers. The exploits of the charismatic orangutan students mirror our own lives in a myriad of ways, from the hilarious to the heart-breaking. On any given day, Valentino the class clown might cry because he can’t open his coconut, and ‘ask’ his babysitter to show him how it’s done. Meryl might take her love of making new friends a step further by planting a kiss on the head of a bemused-looking macaque monkey. A newborn could be snatched from her mother by a dominant male on one of the islands… The human guardians must then attempt to rescue and reunite baby Clara with her mother, Clarita. There’s Big-boy Beni, a sweet youngster who struggles with his weight… Fed up with watered down milk and rationed bananas, he sneaks off to the food storehouse and discovers an orangutan’s dream – a massive banana mountain! And then there’s Cinta – a fluffy femme-fatale whose curiosity and inventiveness leads her to experiment with a hose in a most unexpected way!

Kyle Murdoch, Managing Director of NHNZ said “Audiences around the world have fallen in love with the adorable characters at 'Orangutan Jungle School', and now it’s New Zealand’s turn. Working with BOSF and telling the world about their amazing efforts to help save orangutans is an important story to tell and the reason why everyone at NHNZ is proud of this amazing series.”

“Having 'Orangutan Jungle School' screen in New Zealand is a peak career moment for me. I’ve been transfixed with these ingenious red apes for decades now and I am so proud of this heart-warming and addictive series which mixes pure entertainment with never-before-filmed moments and emotional scenes. It won’t be long before the Kiwi audience feels like the stars of 'Orangutan Jungle School' are part of their families,” said Judith Curran, 'Orangutan Jungle School' Writer and Executive Producer.

Season two of 'Orangutan Jungle School' is currently in production.