ZDF Enterprises takes over worldwide distribution of "Big Pacific"

ZDF Enterprises takes over worldwide distribution of "Big Pacific"

ZDF Enterprises today confirmed worldwide distribution of NHNZ’s premiere blue chip documentary project "Big Pacific". The 5 x 1 hour visually extravagant 4K series, co-produced by NHNZ, PBS and CCTV9, hones in on the creatures and mysteries of the Pacific Ocean. ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Discovery International, Channel 9 and Arte are also participating in the series which will deliver an incredibly rich cinematic vision of the world’s largest ocean.

In this groundbreaking series, the world’s best cinematographers and researchers have captured the Pacific’s most guarded secrets to share with viewers everywhere. "Big Pacific" will illustrate the multi-faceted character of the vast Pacific, with each episode focusing on a different characteristic of life in the Pacific Ocean, from the passionate and mysterious to the violent and voracious.

NHNZ Managing Director Kyle Murdoch describes "Big Pacific" as the most important series NHNZ has ever embarked on: “Not only is it our most ambitious project to date, it is also a region close to our hearts –the Pacific is our backyard, and everyone involved with the production has a connection with this body of water. Our shooters were in their element and have managed to capture unique behavior; and we are looking forward to delivering a truly spectacular series at the beginning of next year.”

Fred Burcksen, ZDF Enterprises’ Executive Vice President and COO says: "We are very excited to be on board and are certainly as passionate about this project as the entire production team. 'Big Pacific' will be a great addition to our catalogue.”