"The Miracle Tiger" now available via Sky Vision

"The Miracle Tiger" now available via Sky Vision

NHNZ and Dreamworld’s series "The Miracle Tiger" is now being distributed by Sky Vision, the international distribution and production arm of Sky, in time for International Tiger Day on July 29th. 

Having just launched the series, Sky Vision has already sold the Italian pay TV rights for "The Miracle Tiger" to Sky Italia and the Russian pay TV rights to the U-7 Group. 

This six-part series, made in association with Australian theme park Dreamworld and the park’s Tiger Island staff, takes us on a journey showcasing the heartbreak and joy of welcoming a new generation of tigers at Dreamworld including one miracle cub.

Filmed on-site at Dreamworld’s Tiger Island, "The Miracle Tiger" series started off with a completely different motivation, intended to be a single hour-long natural history special. Dramatic events in the tiger birthing unit saw the hour-long story turn into a heart-wrenching six half-hour-episodes, following the challenges faced during the delivery of the first litter of cubs born at the park in six years.

NHNZ has worked with Dreamworld’s Tiger Island staff since 1998, when NHNZ filmed and produced Awesome Pawsome, a one-hour documentary that followed the birth of Dreamworld’s initial litter of Bengal cubs.

Leona Connell, Director of Sales at Sky Vision, said: “'The Miracle Tiger' is a fantastic addition to our catalogue of more than 3,000 hours of quality factual programming. With sales already confirmed in Italy and Russia, we’re confident that the series will continue to prove popular with our clients across the globe.”

Series Executive Producer Craig Meade says, “Tiger cubs and the highs and lows of the miracle of birth; few shows are as sweet, or sad or triumphant as this. 'The Miracle Tiger' follows the story of a newborn cub and the efforts of the tiger handlers to act as its mother and teach it to be a tiger.”

Dreamworld General Manager of Life Sciences Al Mucci said the park was delighted to welcome NHNZ back into the inner Tiger Island sanctum to further engender global empathy for tigers as a species and highlight the plight of tigers in the wild. 

“With less than 3,000 tigers in the wild, we have to do everything we can to save these majestic animals. We hope 'The Miracle Tiger' series encourages more money to be donated to tiger conservation by giving viewers an insight into our in-house Tiger Island program at Dreamworld.”

Check out "The Miracle Tiger" channel on YouTube for clips and trailer.