NHNZ & CCTV celebrate new Co-Production Partnerships

NHNZ & CCTV celebrate new Co-Production Partnerships

NHNZ today announced a host of new Sino-NZ Co-Productions with CCTV at a ceremony with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and New Zealand Trade Minister Todd McClay at Hotel Éclat’s exclusive roof top venue Cocoon.

NHNZ and CCTV have had a successful global partnership for over 10 years, during which they have co-produced premium programmes for local and global audiences. 

During Chinese President Xi’s Visit to New Zealand November 2014, the two countries signed China’s first international Television Co-Production agreement, and provided the platform for NHNZ and CCTV to collaborate on a wider range of content including wildlife programmes, historical documentaries, and animated series for children. 

ZooMoo Animal Friends (60x30 mins) is entering its second season for the China market. An adaptation of NHNZ’s ZooMoo, the series entertains and educates preschool aged children about the world’s fascinating wildlife. Co-produced by NHNZ and CCTV Kids, the first season premiered to a record breaking 252 million viewers in March. 

"Panda and Kiwi" (working title, 52x12 mins) sees NHNZ enter its first co-production with CCTV Animation. The multi-million dollar co-production will be the biggest animated television series to date under the Sino-NZ Television Co-Production Agreement. The series follows Kiwi and Panda, iconic animals from New Zealand and China, as they embark on a mission to protect endangered species of the world. 

"How the Silk Road Changed the World" (3x1 hour) is a television epic about how an ancient trade route created the modern world. The series will be co-produced by NHNZ and CCTV10.

NHNZ Managing Director Kyle Murdoch says China is a significant sector for NHNZ. “While NHNZ has a long, decorated record producing content in China for local and global audiences, the new co-production agreement between China and New Zealand has accelerated development in this market. Growth in China has been a key focus for NHNZ and we are thrilled to have multiple China co-production agreements in place,” says Murdoch.

NHNZ Chief David Haslingden adds that company’s movement into children’s programming has been a great triumph.

“NHNZ has had proven success with documentary programming, and while I’m pleased that those relationships continue, the Sino-NZ Co-Production Agreement has given us a great opportunity to tap into China’s booming animation market. I’m really excited about the success of CCTV Animation co-production 'ZooMoo Animal Friends' and the potential for our upcoming co-production 'Panda and Kiwi'.”

Photos courtesy NHNZ - Bianca-Rae Photography