New Media Platform emerges from the archives of New Zealand Geographic and NHNZ

New Media Platform emerges from the archives of New Zealand Geographic and NHNZ

This week New Zealand Geographic and NHNZ launch a new digital platform and streaming television service—one of the largest and richest bodies of local content made available in recent times. 

The new site——contains thousands of stories and nearly 10,000 images from the 25-year archive of New Zealand Geographic magazine, as well as some 160 hours of natural history and documentary programming from Dunedin’s legendary production house NHNZ. 

Originally produced for international markets, many of NHNZ’s documentaries have never screened in New Zealand before, and New Zealand Geographic’s archive—previously gathering dust in bookshelves—represents some of the most comprehensive coverage of the nation’s society and environment.

Both stories and video have benefited from cutting-edge new technology, allowing videos to stream in high-definition, on-demand, on any internet connected device, and images to appear in magnificent full-screen resolution. 

The platform has launched with 3.4 million provisioned users—every student in every school in New Zealand has been provisioned for access to the archive by the Ministry of Education, as well as a number of tertiary libraries and public libraries in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and a dozen provincial centres.

“This is a tremendous vote of public confidence for a product that we’ve been anticipating for years,” says New Zealand Geographic publisher and editor James Frankham. “The combination of magazine and television media has proved really compelling, especially as libraries and schools grapple with providing high quality local resources to an increasingly digital-savvy audience.”

NHNZ Managing Director Kyle Murdoch says that the partnership highlights the shared values and interests of the two companies. “NHNZ and New Zealand Geographic both have a legacy of rich and explorative storytelling -  the partnership has been a natural choice,” says Murdoch. 

The two collections work together too. Mako sharks; recently featured in New Zealand Geographic, are also the subject of a film from NHNZ. Watch a documentary about kiwi from television’s glory days of Wild South, then read of the latest developments in kiwi conservation science in a 2016 New Zealand Geographic story. There’s so much to discover in the rich, deep archives of New Zealand’s two premium production houses.

Both organisations are evolving rapidly in response to media convergence and changes in patterns of consumer behaviour that are re-writing the structure of their respective industries. 

“Finding an audience online, and delivering a quality media experiences is an evergreen proposition,” says Frankham. “People will never tire of a good story well told.”

And it’s good value. You can try before you buy, and digital subscriptions to the platform—including access to both stories and video—are just $1/week… every story, every video, decades of quality local production, available on any device anywhere.