ZooMoo premieres in China to wild success

"ZooMoo Animal Friends", a 60 part children’s series, premiered last month on CCTV14 in China to a massive 252 million viewers.

Co-produced by ZooMoo Networks and CCTV, "ZooMoo Animal Friends" aired on prime time daily from February 8th. It was the number one show in the country in its time slot in the 4-14 year old demo and, with a 2.27% audience share, won the top ranked show across the demo.

The show was watched by 72.68 Million kids aged 4-14; the second largest group were 25-34 year old people with an audience of 41.94 Million.

The series continues to air weekly, with more episodes in the pipeline.

Mr. Zhuang Dianjun, head of CCTV Kids, says the ratings reflect the perfect matching of wildlife content with this age group and the appeal of the original characters.

“In the trial screenings, we found Chinese kids loved the content, just as they love nature and animals. The ratings are validation of identifying that niche on our channel.”

ZooMoo Networks Head of Programming Karin Simoncini was thrilled by the response to the Chinese adapted content.

“We expected the series to do well, but to have such outstanding ratings on its very first outing was terrific. An audience of 252 Million unique viewers made of kids and adults is hard to beat.”

Originally conceived as a standalone channel, ZooMoo was repackaged into 60 half-hour episodes co-produced by ZooMoo Networks, its creative team at New Zealand-based NHNZ, and CCTV.

The series includes successful global ZooMoo show "Lost!", as well as original Panda and Snub-Nosed Monkey puppet content, Chinese animation showcasing local stories and originally composed songs that creatively combine traditional Chinese and modern music styles.

CEO of ZooMoo Networks International David Haslingden developed the channel in 2012, having identified a gap in the market for children’s programming dedicated to the animal kingdom.

 “It is remarkably satisfying to know that our uniquely created content is being seen by so many of China’s young. Our intention with ZooMoo is to engage young viewers with our wild world and to help them celebrate the animal kingdom.”

ZooMoo is available in over 20 territories across Latin America, the United States, Asia and the Pacific.