Fox launches new NHNZ programmes at MIPTV

Fox launches new NHNZ programmes at MIPTV

Fox will be launching the second season of NHNZ’s ocean wildlife series "Our Big Blue Backyard" alongside the second season of "Wild 24", and a brand new series "Extreme Animal Babies" at MIPTV 2016 in April.

"Our Big Blue Backyard" (5 x hrs) explores unique marine locations around New Zealand’s coastline, revealing the daily dramas, challenges and triumphs of the marine animals that live in these neighbourhoods - from iconic orca, penguins and sharks through to blue cod, snapper and crayfish and all in between. 

"Wild 24" (6 x hrs) focusses on various characters through a day in locations around the world: New Zealand, Brazil, India, South Seas, the Equator and Australia. The new series "Extreme Animal Babies" (6 x hrs) reveals the characters of the world’s most engaging animal babies – be they daredevils, family fighters, fussy eaters or troublemakers.

“The first series of both 'Our Big Blue Backyard' and 'Wild 24' have been high selling properties, with terrific appeal to global audiences,” says Fox’s Vice President of Content & Marketing, Connie Hodson.

'Our Big Blue Backyard' is a stunning production, with engaging storytelling and intimate access to marine animals in their natural habitats; we are excited to have our hands on the second season.

'Wild 24' combines a compelling narrative, with quality archive, giving an insight into the daily routine of wildlife around the world. And we have high expectations with the 'Extreme Animal Babies' – a delightful romp through the wild nurseries of the world.”

NHNZ Managing Director Kyle Murdoch says it’s hugely satisfying to have these series launching at MIPTV. “Our production teams have been working around the clock to get these shows out the door, and it’s always rewarding to have such volume hit the market arena.”

"Our Big Blue Backyard" is being produced for TVNZ, funded by NZ on Air Platinum fund, and "Wild 24" and "Extreme Animal Babies" are co-productions for Nat Geo Wild International.