NHNZ Worldwide Footage Sales


How to Search and License Footage


Quick Search

  • Simply go to the search bar at the top of the page and type in your keywords.

  • Results of searches are returned in the form of a gallery which you can view either as Thumb or Details.  You can change between Thumb and Details by clicking on the relevant Thumb or Details button on the Tool bar at the top right corner


Filter your quick search

  • The Tool bar at the top right corner allows for the results to be filtered by format, clip quality and best match


Advanced/Field Search

  • The Search Within button on the Tool bar at the top left corner also allows you to refine, combine or exclude results as a new search or within a current search by clicking on the pick list “v’ symbol at the right to select categories.


Can’t find what you are looking for?  Then contact us - we have a large collection of material offline we can search for you at no cost.

Downloading Screeners

You can download a watermarked QuickTime Video File (H.264) of the clips you require directly from the website by clicking “Download”. If the clip you wish to view is offline please contact us and we will send you a screener.


Full resolution watermarked screeners can be sent on request - contact us

Register and Create a Login

Unless you are logged in all your searches, selections and session history are wiped once you exit the page.

Registering and creating a login is quick and simple. Just hit the register button, create a username and password and begin searching.

As well as saving all your session history logging in allows you to create a lightbox which can be shared, order masters through request and post comments (moderated).

Ordering and Delivery of Masters

Master material can be ordered directly through the website (if logged in) or you can simply

contact us and send a list of the required footage.  All our footage is rights managed so you don’t pay for rights you don’t need. License fees depend on the rights needed for clearance. Costs are per second with no minimum. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


We’ll then send you a License Agreement which will specify the masters we’re providing, the rights you require and the license rates.  Once the License Agreement is signed we’ll delivers the masters and we’ll only invoice you once you’ve confirmed what you are actually using.


Footage will be delivered digitally via NHNZ’s media delivery systems within 24 hours (except for weekends).