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Redwood Kings

In the heart of California’s cowboy country, twin brothers build incredible creations from majestic hunks of reclaimed redwood.


1 hour
Commission for Animal Planet

My Life as a Gangster Girl

Three former gang girls for the first time tell their stories of life in the hood: the violence and intimidation they used to survive in their gangs, and what it took to turn their backs on them and walk away.

A+E Television Networks.
1 hour
Commission for A&E Television Networks

Top Ten Sharkdown

There are over 400 different types of sharks in the sea, but only 30 species have attacked people. Which are the deadliest and how do we stay safe? It will surprise you! Buckle up, as the Top Ten Sharkdown revels in fantastic facts to prove how 400 million years of evolution have made sharks the most awe-inspiring predators.

1 hour
Commission for Discovery Shark Week 2013

I Escaped Jaws

I Escaped Jaws tell the harrowing first-hand stories of people who came face to face with the ocean’s most feared predators. It features never before told stories and incredible gut-wrenching footage of actual shark attacks caught cameras. The survivors recall what happened bite by brutal bite and let us into the maelstrom of emotions and surprisingly rational thoughts that helped them escape Jaws alive.

1 hour
Commission for Discovery Shark Week 2013

Wild About New Zealand

Writer and adventurer, Gus Roxburgh is game on to travel to the very heart of our National Parks. Gus’s journey will connect him with the people whose passion is our wilderness – whether they are rangers, scientists, fisherfolk, pighunters or conservation workers. This rich treasure trove of characters will be our viewfinder to New Zealand’s backyard, capturing the essence of what makes our national parks tick from the heights of Mt Cook, to the mists of Fiordland and the spectacular deeps of the Hauraki Marine Park. Follow this production on Facebook...

Television New Zealand.
6 x 1 hour
Co-production with TVNZ

I Survived... series

The compelling series I Survived... continues with new gripping episodes exploring first-person accounts of those who stared death in the face but survived. In each episode survivors tell the stories of their greatest ordeal in their own words... how they battled unbelievable odds to overcome a life-threatening situation.

Check out which episode is now airing on the Bio Channel.

A+E Television Networks.
1 hour series
Commission for A&E Television Networks

L.A. Frock Stars

The première season of Frock Stars follows fashion icon and entrepreneur Doris Raymond on her treasure hunting exploits to find rare vintage gems for her beloved boutique and star clientele. With her exquisite taste, her shrewd expertise, and one-of-a-kind panache, Doris and her flamboyant fun-loving staff make their mark on the vintage world stage.

Smithsonian. BBC Worldwide. 6 x half-hour
Co-production with Smithsonian Channel and BBC Worldwide

Ultimate Animal Countdown

A flea can jump 8 inches (the equivalent of a human jumping over an 80-story building); a cheetah can run the 100-meter dash in 3.6 seconds (sorry, Olympians); and a tiger shark can swim 33 mph — the fastest human swimmer, only 5 mph. We're hosting the ultimate animal countdown to crown the kingdom’s newest leader.

Nat Geo Wild.10 x 1 hour
Commission for Nat Geo WILD

The Middle Kingdom Ride

Ryan and Colin Pyle are crazy about motorbikes. There is nothing these two gear-heads love more than a long, hard, road trip. Now, their obsessive thirst for two-wheeled adventure is taking them on a record-breaking quest going where no one has gone before - a circumnavigation of China by motorbike, a journey they call “The Middle Kingdom Ride”.

CICC. 6 x half-hour
Co-production with CICC

Abalone Wars

Abalone Wars ventures inside the high stakes game of one of Australia’s most dangerous professions, the hunt for green and black abalone shellfish from the ocean floor. These are the extraordinary men and women who face Great White Sharks, some of the planet’s most hostile waters and the battle against the multi-million dollar black market, in their search for the prized delicacy dubbed - abalone ‘gold.’

Discovery Asia.
3 x 1 hour
Commission for Discovery Asia

Hunting the Ice Whales

Hunting the Ice Whales is the remarkable story of the 2010 Antarctic Whale Expedition which set out to prove it’s possible to undertake Antarctic whale research totally using non-lethal techniques. The expedition is a dynamic roller coaster ride through the turbulent Southern Ocean with an intrepid team, led by top marine mammal researcher Nick Gales, tackling the most horrendous conditions imaginable to implant satellite tags and retrieve whale biopsies.

Off The Fence.1 x 1 hour
For broadcast rights please contact Off The Fence.

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Volcano Time Bomb

The threat of a cataclysmic volcanic eruption that could wipe out millions of people and plunge the world into volcanic winter is very real. Predicting where and when the next volcano might erupt could help avoid a tragedy. But understanding a volatile system that lies many miles underground is extremely difficult. Now an elite team of scientists is going further than ever before as they race to unlock the secrets of volcanoes before the next big one strikes. Volcano Time Bomb combines real scientific missions with cutting edge computer graphics to offer a comprehensive view of Planet Earth's most powerful and potentially lethal force.

1 hour
Commission for Discovery Channel CURIOSITY

Flutter Butterfly Sanctuary

Journey to the Amazon Rainforest to Raise Butterflies with Flutter™: Butterfly Sanctuary for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This mobile game from DeNA Co., Ltd. and Runaway™ that takes players deep into a realistic rainforest environment to raise and collect butterflies from all over the world, is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is featured on DeNA's Mobage™ social games platform.

mobage. Runaway Play.

Life Force II

Life Force II is a breath-taking, blue-chip documentary series that explores the unusual, the unexpected... and the downright bizarre. This series, following in the footsteps of the first Life Force series, reveals incredible habitats where nature has allowed mutant animals, extraordinary adaptations, and curious patterns of behaviour to flourish through the miracle of natural selection and the wonder of evolution. Follow this production on Facebook...

NHK.Arte.Discovery Science.


Discovery Networks International. 6 x 1 hours

Co-production with NHK, Arte, Science Channel, Discovery Networks International