Global co-pro gets cracking with NZ-based summit.

Last week, NHNZ hosted an editorial summit in Dunedin for Big Pacific – its latest blue chip global co-production with PBS and CCTV9.

While Big Pacific launched into pre-production earlier this year, NHNZ Managing Director Kyle Murdoch describes the summit as a chance for all the key parties to get around a table, and work through the show’s editorial direction, always a balancing act when working on a multi-party co-production.

The project itself is the biggest that NHNZ has ever embarked on,  and several partners are joining the two key broadcasters, with  ZDF Enterprises, ZDF, Discovery International, Channel 9 and Arte all leaning in on the five part series that promises to  deliver an exciting cinematic vision of the world’s largest ocean.

Murdoch says, “The Pacific Ocean is truly epic. It is an ocean that so many people around the world think they know, but actually it is one of the world’s last great frontiers – and it’s in NHNZ’s backyard. And this week, bringing our co-production partners to Dunedin, where we can see the Pacific Ocean from our offices, is an excellent chance to collaborate.”

CCTV9 Channel Head Mr Wei Bin and Mr Tian Yuan, Head of International Co-production arrived in Dunedin last Tuesday to meet the production team, and take part in the summit.

“We have a very strong alliance with both NHNZ and PBS. And the result of this summit is absolute belief in the editorial approach the team are taking with Big Pacific. There is no doubt that this series will be truly epic,” says Mr Wei.

Produced by seasoned natural history producer Sue Houghton, Big Pacific will illustrate the multi-faceted character of the vast Pacific with each episode focussing on a different characteristic of life in the Pacific Ocean, from the passionate and mysterious to the violent and voracious. 

Houghton and her talented team have over 200 years of combined experience in the Big Pacific.

“Through unprecedented full-time access, and our exclusive relationships with scientists and local experts, we are going to redefine everything we think we know about the Big Pacific,” says Houghton.

“We are going to capture the unknown story of the Pacific Ocean as wholly as possible – coast to coast and pole to pole, from the mega to the micro, and all shot in 4K.”