Man vs octopus
1 x 1 hour
co-produced by NHNZ and Nat geo wild
Distributed by Fox networks group content distribution

They are legendary sea monsters: incredibly strong, insanely flexible, and astonishingly clever. In this fresh look at the beasts even scientists are still trying to understand, a series of contests will separate fact from fiction … and compare the abilities of man versus octopus. Experts go head-to-head and arm-to-tentacle against the mysterious creatures in tests of strength, camouflage, and flexibility -- while researchers probe the uncanny intelligence of a mere mollusc that has 9 brains compared to our single one. In the show’s finale, inspired by the wrestling events between divers and Giant Pacific octopuses in the 50’s and 60’s, the 3-time world champion – now a deep-sea pioneer and submersible designer – returns to visit the Kraken in their liquid home. Who will come out ahead? Man – or octopus?