China's Schindlers
1 x 1 hour
commission for China INtercontinental Press

In December 1937, a Japanese army entered the Chinese capital of Nanking and six weeks of torture, rape, and murder began. Eleven months later, in November 1938, Nazi thugs rampaged through the streets of German cities, attacking Jews, burning synagogues and destroying Jewish businesses. The two unforgettable horrors of Kristallnacht and the Nanking Massacre helped set the world on a path to total war, but for a few remarkable people, they were calls to courage and compassion. 

One of those people was a German businessman who refused to leave Japanese-occupied Nanking and used his Nazi Party membership to save thousands of Chinese lives. Another was a Chinese diplomat in Vienna who defied his own government’s orders, to give thousands of Jews their only chance to survive. When powerful nations refused to act, these two men stood up for human decency as evil engulfed the world.